Even in our current era, with the incredible technology and digital resources at our fingertips, many businesses choose to stay analog. There are certainly advantages to working with paper copies of records and using paper checkbooks, and it’s a matter of comfort to a lot of people, especially older business owners. However, with modern demands, and risks of losses, it might be time to consider going digital with your company’s paperwork. This isn’t to say that you can’t also keep physical copies- it’s simply a matter of backup and peace of mind!

Here are three reasons why you may want to switch to online or digital bookkeeping:

1. Ease of location

With a well-organized digital record system, you can search records with just a few keystrokes. You can pull up paperwork by year, month, client, or any other keyword. This can save massive amounts of time and energy.

2. Loss protection

We can’t always predict what will happen to us or our business, but secure, online records can help us sleep at night. Fire or water damage does happen, as does theft, chemical spills, and other types of loss. Don’t leave your valuable documents vulnerable to these kinds of everyday tragedies- make sure you have online copies and backups.

3. Customer satisfaction

These days, most clients and customers are used to businesses with online records, and they tend to be more comfortable with this system. Most people don’t want their personal or financial information sitting out in an office somewhere, but would rather have it securely stored online. Noting that you use industry-compliant, digital record keeping may be a selling point for your company.

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