In order to keep your business in compliance, and avoid potentially costly mistakes, it’s critical that your records be kept secure. This is especially important when working with clients or patients, like in medical offices, but any type of business, in any industry, can benefit from tighter security. How you handle your client records, financial records, and other vital documents can make or break your long-term success, so don’t brush off the need for file protection!

Here are four ways that you can boost your security and confidentiality of your business records:

1. Go digital

There are many more security options for digital files than there are for analog or paper ones. Consider making the transition to digital records, so you don’t have to worry about your in-person files getting into the wrong hands.

2. Limit access

Generally speaking, not everyone in your company should have access to all the records at all times. Try to limit access to certain files, especially inside financial data, to a small group of qualified people. In larger companies, different departments should only be able to view or edit files within their own team.

3. Keep tabs

Sometimes files are changed, or go missing, and it’s valuable to have a log of who last had access to those files. If you have paper files, keep your cabinets in a secure room with a locked door and a log in/log out sheet. For digital files, there are programs that will track who has logged into certain programs, and when the last edits were made.

4. Hire a third party

If it makes sense for your business, consider hiring an outside company to handle your record keeping security. Some technologies allow for offsite secure storage, private employee networks, and file recovery, which can give you valuable peace of mind.

If you want to learn more about how to keep your records secure, get in touch with us!