For entrepreneurs in all industries, getting a new business off the ground is hard work. You put in hundreds or thousands of hours of effort on your marketing, designs, networking, and much more. If you’ve been running your own company for a while now, you understand the sacrifices it takes to grow. However, a good business owner always keeps in mind the old adage of “work smarter, not harder.” Maximizing your time is key to building something that is sustainable; too many entrepreneurs burn out within a few years, often because they make a few crucial mistakes along the way.

If you want your company to be around for a long time, and still have time and energy to spend on other things that you love, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Set boundaries

While growing a business does take some sacrifice, that doesn’t mean it should eat up every second of every day. Keep some dedicated non-working hours, where you can relax, do hobbies, and spend time with your loved ones. A more relaxed and balanced you, means a more sharp and productive you.

2. Outsource

Too many new small businesses try to handle everything in house, and while this may seem more cost-effective, it can cause more stress and mistakes over time. Hire outside help for anything that you don’t love or aren’t good at. Look for a local CPA in your area, or a web designer, or a marketing team, to help you.

3. Find your niche

In an effort to reach more customers or make more sales, too many entrepreneurs diversify too soon. It’s important to find your niche, and fill it well, before ever considering expansion. Find the thing you’re really good at, specialize in it, and make a name for yourself there. This will save you many hours of effort and lots of potential headaches.

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