For many businesses in industries like landscaping, construction, or retail, having a fluctuating workforce can be a great asset. When demand for your goods or services increases during certain times of the year, you may need to bring aboard temporary help. These seasonal workers can keep your company afloat, but they can be tricky to manage if you’re not careful.

If your business relies on seasonal employees, here are some tips to make the most out of this temporary help:

1. Treat all workers equally

Even if you do not invest as much time or energy into your seasonal workers, it’s important that they feel included and valued, as a part of the team. Happy employees are productive employees, and you don’t want to risk them bringing down company morale. Make sure these individuals are fairly compensated, given access to good shifts, and aren’t separated from the rest of the group.

2. Get their paperwork done

Whether you need them for a few months in the summer, or just a month or two in the holiday season, you still need to document your employees properly. Keep clear, secure records of their employment information, tax documents, and payroll classifications. And don’t put off doing your share of the paperwork- get it done before the rush begins.

3. Be clear on expectations

Whenever you hire a new person, both you and that individual have certain rights and responsibilities. Ensure that you’re on the same page about the job timeline, pay rate, overtime, etc…and if there is potential for long-term employment or not. Also, don’t skimp on their training- this only leads to stressed workers, and thus, unhappy customers. 

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