The restaurant industry is one of the toughest to find success in, but that doesn’t stop thousands of entrepreneurs from jumping in each and every year. Restaurants can thrive with the right combination of economic climate, wonderful diner experience, and lots of planning ahead.


If you are considering opening a new restaurant, or you already have one that could use a boost, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


  1. Treat everyone well


Restaurants often fall prey to high staff turnover, but those that truly value their employees tend to retain workers. Having a happy staff is essential to creating a positive environment, reducing workplace errors, and ensuring a good experience for the customer.


  1. Engage with your critics


Too many restaurateurs ignore their critics or let those voices get them down. Nowadays, people can leave reviews anywhere online; take the opportunity to engage with them, whether those reviews are good or bad. Do your best to make things right if you can, and be able to take constructive criticism.


  1. Spend your money wisely


When margins are tight, don’t be swayed by things like trendy furniture or upgrades. Instead, invest your money into things like better quality food (your customers can tell!), or more savvy marketing. Nobody is going to frequent your restaurant if the service is bad and the food is mediocre, no matter how nicely decorated it is.


  1. Aim for the locals


The success of a food service establishment usually hinges on the local, repeat customers. Do what you can to boost your customer retention- make your guests feel at home, be consistent in your quality and selection, and create the right atmosphere. Value retention of loyal customers over acquisition of new ones.


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