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An essential part of running any business is ‘doing the books’ or keeping your accounting records up-to-date. Unfortunately, for many business owners and managers, this can be a very time-consuming and frustrating task. So, what’s the solution? Simple: Just let Steven J. Wick & Associates handle the CPA, financial avice, bookkeeping and accounting needs of your Fort Collins business.

Steven J. Wick & Associates is a full-service accounting services firm.  We provide a comprehensive array of accounting services that can meet the needs of practically any business or company, including Fort Collins accounting, bookkeeping, outsourced CFO and business consulting needs..

Our goal is to become an integral part of your business team, taking care of your Fort Collins accounting, bookkeeping and CPA needs. You can better run your business and make intelligent decisions about managing your finances, which improves your profitability.

We Help With:

  1. Producing monthly operating statements
  2. Keeping comprehensive financial statements for managing expenses, liabilities, and revenues
  3. Regular bookkeeping services
  4. Payroll or bill pay processing and management
  5. Bank and credit card reconciliations, reliable invoicing, and accounts payable tracking
  6. Other specialty needs that you may have.

We can usually custom tailor accounting services to meet your requirements.

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