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Custom Services Tailored for Small Businesses
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We Offer a Range of Custom Services Tailored for Small Businesses:


  1. General bookkeeping and recordkeeping assistance
  2. Tax advice and preparation services
  3. Payroll management and administration
  4. Account reconciliation services
  5. Financial statement preparation

Running a small business can be a very demanding enterprise. That’s doubly true when it comes to managing your finances and balancing your books, especially if you lack  background knowledge in accounting.

That’s why at Steven J. Wick & Associates we offer packages that are specifically tailored to be most useful to small businesses that want to get their accounting under control so that you can maximize profitability and put your focus back on your work.

At Steven J. Wick & Associates, we are experts in the most popular small business accounting software packages, like Quickbooks. In fact, we are registered Quickboooks Professional Advisors. We can help you get the maximum utility out of the Quickbooks software and leverage all that it has to offer.


So if you own or operate a small business call us today to learn more about how Steven J. Wick & Associates can help you manage your finances with less stress and realize your maximum potential and profitability.

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