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TeamViewer Support Software

  1. Here at S.J. Wick & Associates, we are proud to use TeamViewer. This is a secure, remote desktop access and support program, making it easy to share and collaborate with our clients. We decided to incorporate this innovative technology into our firm, to better serve our customers across the region. TeamViewer is trusted by millions of people worldwide, and is used by some of the biggest and most successful companies, helping them to do business efficiently, from anywhere. Our team here believes that we can provide even better performance in our accounting and consulting work, thanks to this technology.

Remote Desktop Support

  1. TeamViewer boasts the world’s largest and fastest remote connection network, allowing us to access devices and servers quickly. For you, as a client of S.J. Wick & Associates, you’ll enjoy faster response times, more efficient information sharing, and wonderfully convenient access to your records. This is a highly safe and secure program, with two-factor authentication and 256-bit AES encryption, plus it is ISO certified and is both HIPAA and SOC2 compliant. No matter your business, you can trust our TeamViewer program to keep it safe.
  2. In the world of accounting, bookkeeping, and consulting, having this kind of secure, remote access can make a huge difference in how we work with our clients. We know you’ll be pleased with your TeamViewer experience too! Click below to download your connection to our TeamViewer network.

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